From craftsmanship to attention to sustainability, passing through the desire to play and the iptimism of the summer: WGSN experts tell us in which direction chilren's shoes are going in the next SS22 season.

It will be described by the below 10 points:

1.The soft Volume Sandal

     Softness and a feeling of comfort is aroused by gentle padding, macro weaves and folding techniques that minimise the use of stitchings: the look is minimal, with resort to mono-materials.

    2.The Crafted Slider

      Craftsmanshi and natural materials evolve the conceot of the slipper into a timeless and sustainable design.

      3.The Utility Sandal

        Practical and functional, it can be used on many occasions: a piece made to last with tactical Velcor closues that are juxtaposed with handcrafter or knitted elements.

        4.The Platform Sandal


        It brings a playful note to the wardrobe with its high platform borrowed from women's trends and enriched with fun decorative motifs.

         5.The Floral Mary Jane

        A timeless classic immersed in floral patterns that are good for both play and occasions.

         6.The Simple Slide

        Easier said that done! If the upper of this slipper is minimal and functional, there is still space for decorative elements, even personalised ones.

         7.The Hybrid Fisherman

        Atransitional classic, ideal to be worn from the beach to the city. With a casual-sporty aesthetics it combines a durable sole with handcrafted elements.

        8.The Circular Design Runner


        The sneaker embraces the circular design from the very first steps: there is room to think of waste as a resource to be reused, creating upprs in recycled thread, soles with recycled plastic bottles mixed with rubber.

        9.The Super Craft Sneaker

        The sneaker becomes the ground for a creative expression that combines activism, optimism and joy, also opening up to personalisation experiences that make little girls become designers.

        10.The Track Hiker Sneaker

        Protective, multifuntional and with chunky soles: a durable and transitional piece, suitable for any terain, use and season.

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